Recently, I was recommended to websites like oDesk and eLance as a way to find some side clients for some extra cash. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m a graphic designer). The premise of both websites is for companies to search through profiles of job seekers to find candidates who best fit their needs, and to post ads for jobs with specific requirements that we job seekers can bid on.

Sounds straight forward and simple.

But, like anything online, it’s really not.

First of all, these types of websites are huge promoters of outsourcing. In fact, the “o” in oDesk stands for outsource. Because of that, bids for jobs are absolutely outrageous. I simply cannot win a job with what I consider a reasonable bid, because $15/hr for freelance is an outrageous, gouging cost to these employers. Often you’ll see budgets of $6-$10 for projects that should be costing the employer at least $50-$100. What’s worse is that the bidders who receive interviews are offering to work for $1-$2/hr There is absolutely no way I can possibly compete with that, and it frustrates me to no end.

Alternatively, I’ve been looking at content writing job postings, mostly for blogs. I’ve been very well received by employers, but they often lose interest in their own employee search. However, the content writing job I was offered wasn’t actually that at all. The employer sought me out to launder money for them. No word of a lie.

The other jobĀ  offer I received was for a “Sales Account Manager” which was, in essence, telemarketing out of my own home.

The last two left an even more unpleasant taste than the bidding wars. I’m deleting my profiles on both sites and washing my hands of them completely.

Better luck elsewhere, I hope.


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